@sara_clarke spot, obvs – 12:41 AM GMT
@zipties here it is in context: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_Dre… // my faves so far are “Argall” and “Fathers and Crows.” – 06:30 PM GMT
@zipties … and me in 2003 on the topic, twice: mike.whybark.com/archives/00064… // mike.whybark.com/archives/00077… – 06:32 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt here’s that recent beeb shakespeare set I mentioned last night with Hiddleston in it: imdb.com/title/tt226245… – 07:01 PM GMT
finally dropped the digital needle on that 3 vol Bix collection I dug up the other day and OH HELL YES – 09:42 PM GMT
porch pooch pic.twitter.com/horlU9sAh6 – 10:41 PM GMT
damn what I would give for a good steel nib emulator – 10:43 PM GMT
@JoeTheDough oh, they never give the drugs to types wot ask direct, please poppa – 10:44 PM GMT
so a few weeks back when my folks were here they brought back this awesome thin-sliced alpine air-cured specialty beef – 10:47 PM GMT
I knew it as ‘bunderfliesch’ and ‘viande sechée’ in, respectively, Schweizer Deutsch and Suisse Français as a kid. – 10:49 PM GMT
The Googles tells me it is also known as ‘viande de Grisons,’ Grisons being an alpine canton in Switzerland. – 10:51 PM GMT
Anyway, this stuff is made by “Matterhorn Meats and Sausages” in Yakima, Washington. google.com/search?q=the+m… – 10:53 PM GMT
They’ve been around so long they don’t even have a hint of self-maintained internet presence. My understanding is the meat guy is Swiss. – 10:54 PM GMT
I know, with a name like that, who’d a thunk it? – 10:54 PM GMT
ANYWAY, viande sechée is air dried beef with some minimal chemistry added, not dissimilar to prosciutto, but for the saltiness and pork base – 10:56 PM GMT
So after we got this excellent gift, I was sharing it after dinner with some pals we’d hosted, and I called it “meat candy,” because it is. – 10:58 PM GMT
My guest then observed it was similar to fruit leather, whereupon the treat was immediately redubbed “meat leather.” – 10:58 PM GMT
And with that, I aim to eat me some as I set out here on the deck with the dog. – 10:59 PM GMT