@LeavittAlone lose Mame, keep Nicky and Co., and I will gi’ye FIVE DOLLA AMRIKI – 01:07 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone or buy you lunch next time I am in Manhattan or suchlike – 01:08 AM GMT
@sugarfreak it abuses Orioles colors, answer is known – 01:11 AM GMT
left over grill meats – chicken, pork, beef – sliced thin, and quickly stirfried with spices and green beans. Place in freezer. Wait. – 02:27 AM GMT
Serve on top of salad on back porch as summer sun sets. Blast Motorhead. – 02:27 AM GMT
I suppose it says something unflattering about me that I feel late to the news of a Shteyngart Google Glass joint in this week’s New Yorker. – 02:48 AM GMT
I totally skipped the yawny Woody Allen Shouts & Murmurs without even knowing what was next. Currently chortling, rubbing hands, tweeting. – 02:49 AM GMT
@christy_ms @louisck I’ll set three places – 02:49 AM GMT
@christy_ms also HEY! YOU’RE HERE! – 02:50 AM GMT
@BitterOldPunk youtube.com/watch?v=cn3BTt… // @johnpstrohm – 02:52 AM GMT
@christy_ms meat salad was SOOPER DEELISH – 04:56 AM GMT
@praguepainter Light in Water can be seen as a companion volume to Dhalgren, FWIW. I skipped Hogg but have most everything else. – 03:05 PM GMT
@praguepainter ha, never knew of that film. Nail biting is in Dhalgren too. – 03:06 PM GMT
@praguepainter … and so is the orchid, for that matter – as an invented weapon, a kind of cage of blades around the hand – 03:07 PM GMT
RT: @praguepainter: @mwhybark and there’s Delany’s own amateur film The Orchid from 1971, he’s got a thing for nail-biters youtu.be/Ub4lqJXApRE – 03:27 PM GMT
Prior RT includes 1 of 4 segments to early, arty film by Samuel R. Delany which unmistakably prefigures “Dhalgren,” called “The Orchid.” – 03:29 PM GMT
The actual image of Dhalgren’s orchid appears early in the first section, as a man holds a fistful of dime-store scribing compasses. – 03:30 PM GMT