Herzog v/o promoting “The Act of Killing” as producer. Obviously I was going, but now it’s not just because I hate death-squad imperialism. – 12:34 AM GMT
Yes, that was a joke about genocide that included no untrue statements. – 12:39 AM GMT
What a luxury to have three weeks going thru camping gear to test and tighten up. I have a week to work on menus now. – 01:57 AM GMT
on the downside, this weather sends me chasing Adirondack recliners for weeks – 01:59 AM GMT
@brownpau found it! americanindian.si.edu/searchcollecti… – 07:15 PM GMT
@brownpau Emmons, who collected it, is an interesting character: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_T.… // one of abt three lg collectors in PNW ca 1900-10 – 08:12 PM GMT