@mubay yes – 12:44 AM GMT
@mubay gnomon – 12:45 AM GMT
@BoringPostcards @BitterOldPunk that’s Istanbul not Constantinople – 04:36 AM GMT
a slow, placid game emulating NOVA space-show graphics showing flybys and planetary collisions circa 1982 – 05:16 AM GMT
long zooms into rendered subject with a hard pivot and tracking away. not as cutscenes, as gameplay. like a ballistics game or something. – 05:18 AM GMT
commit the move, watch the physics. maybe while the physics go down overlay with NOC or MMO chat stuff setting up next move. – 05:19 AM GMT
Let’s call it “GCU,” shall we? – 05:20 AM GMT
Lightweight, mobile plats, persistent MMO universe, ideally. – 05:21 AM GMT
@ardaniel I think I have but something was intimidating, too EVOish or something. Thinking to appeal to ubercasual mobile user. – 05:22 AM GMT
@ardaniel looks awesome, a eurosim for space stuff! I’d never play tho. I can’t even sit down to RoF. House: not a sim, needs stuff done. – 05:30 AM GMT
RT: @LeVostreGC: And alwaye, alwaye, bringe wyth thee a towele – 05:30 AM GMT
@ardaniel also, I was incorrect, I had not seen the trailers. was thinking maybe about SpaceX? Something more recent, maybe. – 05:32 AM GMT
@ardaniel I do fool myself into doing a good job on the house by pretending it is a spaceship, though. Must ensure hull integrity! – 05:34 AM GMT
“Army Men: Plastic Apocalypse” : youtube.com/watch?v=ClffzU… – 06:39 AM GMT
excruciating dream of employment-oriented portfolio review – 04:05 PM GMT
@gjcharlet you’ve just invoked the “Pet Cemetery” Ramones earworm – 04:37 PM GMT
@ThoughtOnTracks I was totally puzzled, like, “is he watching a Dylan cover band? How weird!” – 04:39 PM GMT