@hell0jed human souls – 02:52 AM GMT
dragonfly wings shining in the sunset light as it darts though the churning herd of gnats – 02:57 AM GMT
@mubay nfw. now i can even hear it in my head, and, yeah, could be – 05:32 AM GMT
@manwhoyells check, check, and from a distance – 06:15 AM GMT
@DanEngler the besssst – 02:00 PM GMT
@mubay @manwhoyells when were taking the train down, we got to know SJC pretty well. Worth a visit. As old as it gets down there. – 02:20 PM GMT
@mubay @manwhoyells we like this place too: yelp.com/biz/el-patio-c…. // open since the forties, old-fashioned take on Mexicali – 02:34 PM GMT
@DanEngler too well known. OTOH! Given TAL’s ties to Planet Money, Koch Bros fund it w/twist end: uncontrolled cesium pollution, not so bad! – 07:17 PM GMT