TNG, “Half a Life.” Terrific. First episode by the guy that wrote “Inner Light,” the best of all the episodes of all the series. – 03:26 AM GMT
First appearance by Michelle Forbes, apparently as Cindy Lou Who. – 03:27 AM GMT
Barrett uses her relatively recent loss of Roddenberry throughout the episode to good effect. – 03:29 AM GMT
OH YEAH! my teenage bedroom. seriously, check it out. – 03:34 AM GMT
i should probably post that to flickr just for tagging – 03:35 AM GMT
giant pencil drawing of lich king from monster manual, check. Enterprise blueprints, check. Clash poster, check. Sex Pistols poster, check. – 03:37 AM GMT
@nprnews @andy_hurst there is no way that is an accident. gonna be more. – 04:03 AM GMT
blech, my baseball twitter account is full of basketball – 04:14 AM GMT
@mubay I blew @arthurwyatt’s mind by busting them out at our pre-nuTrek nosh. Here’s a site about the artist:… – 05:14 AM GMT
@mubay in that bedroom pic I see a Jello Biafra poster and a weird half-forgotten Trek poster too, upper left, like Bantam cover art. – 05:17 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @mubay nice! – 05:57 AM GMT
“@arthurwyatt: PDP-11 Still Working In Nuclear Plants…” attn @esinclai and @jkonrath – 02:13 PM GMT
ha ha shadowrun on your phone i mean deck – 02:19 PM GMT
@jkonrath look, someone has to initiate the sequence – 02:20 PM GMT
speaking of decks and PDP boxen,… – 02:22 PM GMT
ha ha javascript spacewar! – 02:23 PM GMT
Kim Thompson, RIP. His advocacy of BD in the US was deeply appreciated by me. I’m lucky to have a few albums that passed through his hands. – 08:12 PM GMT