@phirephoenix @pjern also iphone USB cords <> ipad USB cords, and iphone chargers <> ipad chargers. identical-appearing cords: not identical – 12:05 AM GMT
Inexplicably, we missed the Data/Lore/Pops episode “Brothers” on our rewatch of s04. What better way to celebrate Father’s Day? So good! – 02:33 AM GMT
@poupou you have no idea how happy i am to hear that – 03:13 AM GMT
RT: @MadMen_AMC: Sterling Cooper & Partners formalize merger with new logo, agency brand. pic.twitter.com/FEWkGQdAKC – 03:42 AM GMT
.@MadMen_AMC and may I say a hearty “fuck yes” regarding this unimpeachable specimen of in-world PR swag. Tasty. – 03:44 AM GMT
@gjcharlet NO SPOILERS (FOR JUST THIS ONE SHOW) mg omg i know who it is omg SHUT UP – 05:11 AM GMT
CANADIAN MAYOR ARRESTED no not that one, a different one, totally different city, unrelated stories – 02:38 PM GMT
i think i should add an automated tweet notifying everybody when my automated tweet digest posts go up, that would be helpful – 03:27 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt why is that beardyman crying, mom? – 03:28 PM GMT
Remember that X-Files where Mulder and Scully have to investigate this school for mutants run by Captain Picard? – 03:35 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt LiL DREDD – 07:03 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt talldarkandnerdy.tumblr.com/post/467922995… – 07:11 PM GMT