@arthurwyatt @phoebenorth Also Supes is subject to the Utopianist critique, which exposes critique as nonsense imho. Character arcs my ass. – 12:28 AM GMT
motherfucking kernel panic bullshit rowr – 04:01 AM GMT
@manwhoyells ha ha, diff machine – 05:44 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt trekplace.com/franzjoseph.ht… /// blueprint & technical manual artist guy – 06:36 AM GMT
aaugh drag and drop has stopped working on my primary machine – 02:09 PM GMT
ugh, hadda disable some remote access SW and monkey with some perms. – 03:00 PM GMT
state rep arrogantly barking that Feds had better “back off” at press announcement of former MSFT biz guy’s pot brand seems like a bad idea – 03:35 PM GMT
@sumit condolences. these pixels are a hand on your shoulder, i hope. – 03:38 PM GMT
@brigidkeely @iasshole Stumps! We have a Stumpy here now! pic.twitter.com/473Zn4dZ77 – 03:39 PM GMT
Viv and I are actually irrationally concerned that he is bumming out about it. He’s pretty damn smart and exhibits two-stage thinking, so… – 03:41 PM GMT
@iasshole @brigidkeely it is stump! of dog! like delicious ham! – 04:13 PM GMT
@iasshole @brigidkeely Viv wouldn’t even let me keep the leg! Can you imagine? – 04:14 PM GMT
@DanEngler you and the dog both! – 11:05 PM GMT
Rocket has been doing great, the scar shows no evidence of bad healing. However, beginning yesterday he has started to act what … – 11:39 PM GMT
… in a human we would call depressed. The internet informs me this is a result of prolonged painkiller use for pooches. The vet wants… – 11:40 PM GMT
… to see him tomorrow, so we have an appointment. I noted today he was chipper and waggy just before pm pills. now he’s down and still. – 11:41 PM GMT
so the pill hypothesis seems plausible. We’ll ask about the collar on Saturday, it’s more trouble than the stump. – 11:42 PM GMT
@sugarfreak you can never understand the love of a mother for her children (Peacock Family) – 11:44 PM GMT
@DanEngler that would be awesome. What is the name ofnthe show? THE DOG HOUSE. – 11:54 PM GMT
@BitterOldPunk woid to da woise: don’t mash ’em wid an eyemurshion blenda. Dat makes tater paste! D’ladies, dey no like. – 11:57 PM GMT
RT: @BitterOldPunk: Boilin’ some taters yeah I’m boilin’ some taters yeah I’m boilin’ some muffuggin taters – 11:57 PM GMT