@heyho58356 ooh man, so not fair – 12:04 AM GMT
@sugarfreak a) he is a member of Kenneth from 30-Rock’s people b) he is the Devil c) both – 12:06 AM GMT
I find myself dreading the fight with the New Yorker app at week start. Download error, sign in again, crash, update library, sign in, crash – 04:24 AM GMT
“in the mid-eighties, during Sonic Youth’s eardrum-shattering gothic period” good christ – 05:08 AM GMT
i mean, it’s interesting, but jeezus. the writer isn’t trying to explain something to their bougie audience, they’re just faking it. – 05:10 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt ITS BEEN A LONG ROAD – 05:30 AM GMT
@BoringPostcards wtf? what movie? IMDB knows nothing, Ballard + Loren on the G also not useful – 02:23 PM GMT
@BoringPostcards ah! – 02:29 PM GMT
@tclancy noted – 02:37 PM GMT
Twitter bug: twitter.bug.quietbabylon.com ( .@sumit i think you might appreciate this. via Mefi.) – 02:48 PM GMT
A promoted retweet? That’s a weird ad spend. – 06:20 PM GMT
@poupou sit back and wait for the money to roll on in! – 06:21 PM GMT
@poupou hmh, without knowing anything else about it, I assumed they would ladle the dough over you. Oh well! – 06:54 PM GMT
@poupou fair enough. Shoulda told them you were going to work from home and not to call or email or ask for reports or updates. 😉 – 07:02 PM GMT