attn @arthurwyatt @ChrisFossArt… – 12:53 AM GMT
on iOS attn @Telemetristttt… – 12:54 AM GMT
on iOS biodomes. hoo boy. isolationism via technology. we create temples to our psychology and this an especially succulent example. – 01:00 AM GMT
Savages, OK? Have I mentioned this, Savages? I mean, this is where it was heading in ’87 and GODDAMN am I glad to hear it coming around. – 01:03 AM GMT
nerd buddy @paulconstant on STID: spoiler edition. tl;dr: JJ is tardin it up and a non-Trek fan has noticed.… – 01:15 AM GMT
Worth noting here is Paul has generally enjoyed the films in the past but not the series, to the extent he has watched them. – 01:17 AM GMT
I’ll note here again that there is only one prior Star Trek film I find worthwhile. – 01:19 AM GMT
wow, fuck that shithead that killed himself in Notre Dame today. Baise-lui. – 01:24 AM GMT
@clarissawam fuck that guy. he was a shithead and will not be missed, – 01:41 AM GMT
@sumit i opened it and read it – 01:47 AM GMT
“@jessmisener: Inventor of the GIF: “It is a soft ‘G,’ pronounced ‘jif.’ End of story.”…” MAKE A NOTE OF IT – 01:48 AM GMT
@brownpau ping 4eva – 01:50 AM GMT
@brownpau oooooh ouch – 01:52 AM GMT
soft gee, for the record, as it has been since the invention of the format. I feel so vindicated! – 01:58 AM GMT
@sambosambo @brownpau lol. it was all Greek to hir, I guess – 02:01 AM GMT
RT: @_py: gist, gigantic, giraffe, ginseng, giant, ginger, gibberish, gigolo, gilet, gizmo, gyllenhaal, gif – 02:01 AM GMT
geez, take a day to bear down on work and it’s two hours of tweets and RSS to plow through – 02:06 AM GMT
@sumit it said they were suckers – 01:41 PM GMT
@mubay reading this from my upstairs early-morning horizontal office, I smile – 01:45 PM GMT
@DanEngler somewhere beneath the fog and tract homes in the shriveled peat leathery, pressed arms stir – 02:02 PM GMT
@DanEngler mysterious hole reported in area backyard – 02:04 PM GMT
attn @DanEngler… /// note cup of coffee – 02:53 PM GMT
Wired offers a rewrite to Abrams & Co., free of charge… – 05:27 PM GMT
on iOS Well, not a rewrite per se. Call it a lambasting. Who’s next, Ars? – 05:29 PM GMT
@hell0jed I’ve told you before that this is what you should do, because if you don’t, twenty years from now, you won’t have. – 11:55 PM GMT
@ftrain I like that you kept the designer’s working drawings close to hand. ascertaining intent is important for end users. – 11:58 PM GMT