Wanted: Traffic Cops for Space: [NYT] – um, wow.

Gotta make a joke here folks, there’s no passin’ it up. See headline.

Thought number two: is the UN really the body to regulate orbital litter?

Thought number three: if it is, won’t the Bad Mens(tm) step up to the plate to make sure it’s powerless, a la Kyoto (moustaches twirlin’, chargin’ rent, etcetry)?

Oh, it’s tizzifyin’.


Note to headline scribe: “Wanted: Cops …” is, perhaps, not precisely the meme you were looking for here.

2 thoughts on “Pigs… In… SPA-A-A-A-C-E

  1. a) when I first saw the title, I immediately moved into the theme from Veterinarian Hospital: “The continuing stooorrrrry of a vet who work has gone to the dogs”. it’s the Stooorry that gets to me.

    b) AZ and I spent about 30 minutes a few weekends ago watching the Muppet Show Time Life Series infomercial.

  2. I should further note that I too am guilty of incautious headline writing. The “pigs” I was considering were of the messy, littering variety, rather than of the unflattering peace officer epithet variety.

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