@mubay @manwhoyells @DanEngler @ezrakilty this made me laugh until I cried, for real, and yet I sorrow – 01:20 AM GMT
RT: @donw: @brownpau the A Team was a holo deck simulation they kept Barclay in after too many holo misadventures caused permanent brain damage – 01:47 AM GMT
hearty thanks to @DanEngler for today’s invaluable wingmanship re automobile recovery quest and subsequent bbq, beer, and Iron Man events. – 06:13 AM GMT
School picture, 1983 pic.twitter.com/gvH7AiNWdg – 06:30 AM GMT
@sumit i gother haute cootoory rightcheer – 04:35 PM GMT
@BitterOldPunk /manly sidehug, offers half can of warm beer – 04:44 PM GMT
@sumit sometimes on the desktop I become irritated that the OS doesn’t change window focus and foreground app based on my gaze – 04:53 PM GMT