@BitterOldPunk @brownpau There’s a book! amazon.com/Global-Peace-L… – 06:18 AM GMT
@BitterOldPunk @brownpau the book is by the guy that owns the chicken shack! globalpeacelover.com/home/index.php… – 06:21 AM GMT
@BitterOldPunk 64 here. also WTF worthy. – 06:25 AM GMT
@hell0jed @BitterOldPunk I was out at 4am on Thursday and there was snow coming down; didn’t stick or anything though. – 06:54 AM GMT
@brownpau @BitterOldPunk did you catch he appears to be Pashtun, possibly Afghani? – 06:26 PM GMT
@brownpau @BitterOldPunk he is a renaissance man. wait, is that the right word? He’s his own variety of polymathic genius. – 06:29 PM GMT
RT: @mcgee_gorgo: Why is the only black dude in Asgard the door guy – 06:29 PM GMT
Kill the browser! CSS to the wall motherfuckers! All power to the end-user! storify.com/dajbelshaw/ana… – 06:38 PM GMT
@brownpau eeeuurrgh – 06:40 PM GMT
RT: @KenzoMetal: My 8 year old niece wanted to watch Aliens last night. Found this in the living room this morning. i.imgur.com/mBNLXQA.jpg – 06:41 PM GMT