@hell0jed it’s just the intro. but yeah, uncomfortable few minutes there. – 05:06 AM GMT
@siblings_at_law @paulconstant heard there was a respected group behind it, but we joked they licensed the Blade Runner soundtrack. – 02:03 PM GMT
Unexpected skeumorphism; evidence of things wrong with the world. pic.twitter.com/zc0zNOW7pf – 04:25 PM GMT
RT: @ChrisFossArt: Joseph Kosinski: I think they were subconscious. I mean I wrote the story about eight years ago, so I was… fb.me/16Onx9m1o – 09:56 PM GMT
Changed a security light at the roof peak, inspected the roof and gutters (gonna have to do a moss removal sweep), mowed lawn. Man stuff. – 10:03 PM GMT
@mcgee_gorgo It’s like a two minutes hate is off limits for the kid but not for her; burn the witch or something. I don’t get it. – 10:15 PM GMT
.@jonronson @iucounu damn you now all my tweets / read like verse / from les mis – er – robs – 10:19 PM GMT
.@poupou ha, if only. I live in iOS, thus, I’m losing my mind. It’s a residence built by the mad for the feeble. I feel at home, of course. – 10:30 PM GMT
@wasta woo hoo! Wait, aren’t many Bungie games murky? Is your job to go around shooting out the lights? – 10:32 PM GMT
@wasta how many render engines does take to change a lightbulb on the USS Marathon? – 10:34 PM GMT
@wasta what are the odds? – 10:36 PM GMT
@zipties @wasta well, as long as we’re crossing the streams, I’d say it’s seven thousand eight hundred twenty four point seven to one. – 11:33 PM GMT
@poupou if a tree falls in the forest, does a mutha get paid? Hell yes. – 11:34 PM GMT
@paulconstant situations involving fucking which resolve often involve some sort of squirting. Therefore you’ve “squirted the clusterfuck”. – 11:41 PM GMT
@poupou These manipedis don’t come cheap yo – 11:42 PM GMT