@hell0jed immediate thought is Flickr or Picasa, but, you know… – 12:37 AM GMT
@ardaniel @hell0jed the things I miss when I go to a baseball game – 04:21 AM GMT
@whybark time it right and we’ll hit it up pic.twitter.com/0msxdvzb0p – 04:22 AM GMT
@ardaniel @hell0jed with context again, dropbox is OK. but links are exposed, no PW lock, so recipient can forward. not bad neccessarily. – 06:26 AM GMT
RT: @nedroid: I bought a noise machine to help me sleep but I turned it on and it just screams and howls and says all the things I’m afraid of – 06:28 AM GMT
Prior RT is an entire horror SF novella. Fantastic. – 06:28 AM GMT
.@macklemore beer line b4 game at Safeco tonight, “Thrift Shop” plays. whole line incl. vendor: dancing & singing along. joyful laughter. – 06:36 AM GMT
@middleclasstool i must point out that said act launched their release via an AMA on reddit. (really) – 06:44 AM GMT
@middleclasstool @johnpstrohm new PE? nobody tells me shit. shit. – 06:45 AM GMT
@baconmeteor public private partnership baby. Let’s eat some pancakes at Buck’s with Elon Musk, Ben Huh, and Bezos. 5:30 am Sunday. – 06:56 AM GMT
Alarmist “super-botnet” stories from non-alarmist site Ars take on the lineaments of apocalyptic space opera, eg, “botnet spawns GSV, FTL” – 07:05 AM GMT
Me & Dave, 1986, in college. Dave laid some heavy stuff about TNG on me after we both wound up in Seattle. Good man. pic.twitter.com/8nsJ7HQ9oa – 07:59 AM GMT
@Sherman_Alexie @paulconstant @arthurwyatt classic comics characters by Seattle-area Native artist in NWC style: jeffreyveregge.com – 02:52 PM GMT
@sumit I sure did. Brian Walsby (brianwalsby.net) pointed it out on FB. I laughed and laughed. Best April Fool’s thing of the year. – 02:57 PM GMT
@sumit well, unless you consider the dueling Black Flag / Flag tours this year to also be an April Fool’s joke. – 02:59 PM GMT
(non at-style retweet, sorry) Classic comics characters by Seattle-area Native artist in NWC style: jeffreyveregge.com – 03:02 PM GMT
@brownpau neat! – 03:02 PM GMT
“@homologygroup: stackoverflow.com/questions/1502… Apparently this person runs a Bitocin exchange that just got exploited. Awesome.” @manwhoyells – 03:03 PM GMT
@sumit pretty sure that’s how they bury the Alien Queen, from facehugger egg to limestone sculpture of one – 03:07 PM GMT
Karaoke booth video awesomeness! m.youtube.com/user/HOLWAGERK… – 03:14 PM GMT
@jonronson the legendary street ent – 08:30 PM GMT