I have been achy and sniffly for about a day now. Not sure if it’s middle-age onset allergies or a cold.

My arthritis meds mean that I am disallowed, in general, from using acetaminophen or ibuprofen, which means a lot of cold-remedy label reading.

I spent most of the day engaging in cable management under my desk. I pretty much have everything set up now and have a reasonable amount of desk surface area now. There are still a raft of cables on the surface of the desk, but I will tackle those tomorrow.

Rocket’s counter-surfing proclivities have continued to intensify. Viv called on her way to work this morning to tell me to put her lunch in the fridge, since she had forgotten it. About two minutes after she called I heard a loud THUMP and I jumped out of bed yelling the dog’s name.

Sure enough, he’d found it and had apparently been in the process of carting off the plastic container of watermelon formerly stored in the lunch bag. It’s like living with a small, friendly bear.