Yesterday, I leapt out of bed and started doing yard work before taking the dog to Richmond Beach. The yard work was hard enough that I was panting and sweat kept getting in my eyes.

Then, at Richmond Beach, I misread the tide tables and we got stuck out on Duffy’s Point, and had to climb up and over barnacle encrusted breakwater rocks and eventually up onto the Northern Pacific railbed for about a half-mile to get back to the park, overall about a 2.75 mile hike.

Today, we went to the Mariners game with Ken and Mary and that meant we would not be around to give the dog a decent walk in the early evening, so I leapt out of bed and into the fifty-degree rain with the dog at 8:45 or so. Got in a good two miles with him, and off we went.

We had breakfast with our companions at a favored spot about two miles from the stadium, and walked down through the ID and a community festival featuring dragon dancers to Safeco, where the Mariners lost in generally uninspiring fashion. Then we walked back.

So, while my ankle’s been bugging me when I run, I still managed to put some miles in this weekend. Now if only this shoulder and arm pain would quit. Tomorrow I have a gig at noon so I think I will get on it early again and do some road work as early as possible, before any yard work.