sunny, not a cloud in the sky. we headed out to the beach to catch low tide early (for us on a weekend) this morning and were at the park by ten am.

(pic actually taken yesterday)

it was as low a tide as I have seen there, and we found lots of stuff in the tidal flats: twenty-odd golf balls, a large nautiloid shell in perfect condition, a strange hornlike object, a large and feisty crab who wanted to fight me, several starfish in various stages of avian dismemberment, and the neck of what appears to be a century-old bottle, cork still in place.

(crap pic upside down, sorry. why there’s no default photo editor on iOS is unknown to me, or maybe insufficiently discoverable)

oh yeah, I caught a halibut with my bare hands!

we walked all the way to Boeing Creek, about a mile and a half south I guesstimate, to the point from which one can see the point north of Golden Gardens and the shore area of Carkeek Park.

Viv and blue heron.

It must be 74 out now. Once Viv gets off the phone we’re gonna have some nice drinks and chow. I am surprisingly tired.