Just prior to the news of Columbia‘s loss this week, the black humor of the universe arranged for David at Surfaces Rendered to link my posting of the long email interview we did that became the basis for a short Cinescape piece.

As I was perusing Columbia-related links, I noticed an interesting section within Dan Shippey’s Delta 7 Studios site. Dan is the gent that made his very nice cardmodel of the Columbia available as a kind of memorial.

sturnada2.jpgDelta 7’s models appear to have a relatively high degree of detail along with a clarity of construction that leads me to describe them as elegant. I was examining his wares, thinking, “Boy, I wish I had time to build that,” when I noticed this subsection on his site amid the models of historic and designed-but-never built spacecraft:

Retro Rockets is the home of Dan’s collection of golden-era SF rocket models, including as may be seen here, the very Saturn Shuttle that figures so prominently in David’s Man Conquers Space project.

There’s a passel of other cool ships here as well, including the obligatory free model, “Rosie Retrorocket.”