Cine69-XMen2Cover.jpgCinescape went with my X-Men set visit story (think all the way back to October, not once, but three times.) for one of the mag’s covers this month.

I’m pleased to report that the story ran more or less as written, although there’s the obligatory irritating edit. In this case, it comes at the very end of the article and adds the prefix “Almost as if” to a sentence which is clearly a metaphor, weakening it. There are a couple of other changes that I’m not pleased with (notably a “Meanwhile” that turns a true sentence, “so-and-so said this”, to a false one, “Meanwhile, so-and-so…”) but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Sadly, there’s neither a permanent link to the story nor the whole thing online, but for right now you can read the first two paragraphs or so at the home page of the magazine.

I will not be posting the backing material here, as I have done with other projects, because the material is about four hours of audio tapes which I did not fully transcribe.

2 thoughts on “A cover!

  1. I thought you said you didn’t mind being edited… Alas, it is a fact of life in publishing. The editor and the writer should be friends…

  2. I don’t mind being edited at all. That’s two unfortunate editorial adjustments in a 1500-word piece, not bad.

    But my starting place – don’t read the copyedited material, trusting the judgement of the copyeditor – is no longer in force. There are probably other changes that are in there that I didn’t even notice.

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