Not counting iOS devices, I have around seven conventional computers I use daily around the house for this and that. Two are media-oriented, three are utility machines, one’s a spare, and maybe I actually only have six machines I use daily.

I have at least ten retired or non-functional machines, going back to a Power Computing Mac clone circa 1992. I may have an older PPC tower as well, but nothing prior to the PPC event horizon, although I do have a no-HD pre-486 laptop.

Not too long ago, sometime around 2002, I jettisoned some pre-PPC Macs and monochrome silver-and-blue LCD display 8086 laptop built by Zenith, apparently from the Senate or the Congress or something. I have no idea how it came to me.

Including nonconventional computers in the house (iOS, dedicated media, and programmable networking) the total potential IP count for roughly current devices adds six iOS devices, two media devices (yes,in addition to the other media units) and eight networking devices.

I’m pretty sure this is overkill.