Listening to William Gibson on the radio, I suddenly remember buying the paperback edition of Neuromancer at Left Bank Books in the Market. Thinking about it I realize I may have bought it new, on initial publication. After looking up a bibliography of his stuff, I am surprised to see he published consistently in Omni throughout the 1980s, and therefore I realize I was familiar with his short story work before I picked up the book.

I clearly remember finding the book on the shelf and deciding to buy it without knowing who the author was.

Here is a signed first edition of the book, in the same cover dress as the one I recall buying, for sale at the reasonable price of $750.00.

Holy crap. I guess I should see if I still have it.

UPDATE: Predictably, it is not on the shelf. Curiously, I could not find any of the early edition Gibson paperbacks I know I once had. I suppose in a moving frenzy I put them in the cull pile and hauled them down to Twice Sold.

On the good side, that sets me up for some catalog chasing along the lines of what I pull with Wolfe, Vollmann, Aldiss, and Moorcock.