Crazy elaborate dream in which I inadvertently helped birth, I guess, an aquamarine colored lizard that went through a tadpole phase and then became larger and larger. It was in some sort of public pool, like at the base of a fountain, as a tadpole. I started scratching its head. It began to grow very quickly. It had forelimbs only, no hind legs, and at the root of the forelimbs there were two wings and a snake shaped blunt nosed head.

Once I realized it was a quetzalcoatl I became concerned because it was becoming much larger very quickly and moving around the pool faster and faster. At this point people began to be concerned. It jumped out of the pool and begin to fly around at this point was about five or 6 feet long.

People were running everywhere and it was chasing kids, and eventually started chasing a dog. It looked very much like it intended to eat the dog. I was upset and running after it yelling at it.

To my surprise it stopped and came back to me very much like a dog that has been yelled at. Somehow I figured out that because I’d scratched it in the pool and played with it it imprinted on me as a parent or something.

Eventually I took it home and introduced it to the pets, to Lark and George and Rocket. To my surprise it got along with them and somehow altered his appearance so that was sort of pseudo furry except for the face which was pink and pointy and had snake eyes. It never did get hind legs.

Then there was a really confusing section of dream in which I found myself visiting with Scott Southwick in his gigantic Orientalizing mansion, presumably the fruits of his ice cream empire, before my sister came to pick me up in our run down RV.