A day well spent crawling on the floor amid cables, wrestling with KVMs and trying to grok all the myriad favors of DVI. A used DVI KVM picked up cheap works great but not with the equally cheaply acquired Apple DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI. The adapter is supposed to show some sort of firmware info in a system info panel but I couldn’t get it to speak. More poking and prodding, inevitably, to come.

I started the day foolishly attempting a series of cpanel-based hosting changes involving .htaccess redirects, some of which took and some of which did not. When the redirects started failing it drove me inevitably, and equally foolishly, toward code changes against the rickety engines that hold this MT-based blog steady, lashed to the mast amid the storm of abandonment and platform evolution.

Lucky for me, I think, the changes took and I ventured on to, it seems, resurrect commenting here. I’m still a tad sketchy on whether or not the comment system is operating as intended.

This is all driven by my pro-tem retreat from Twitter and Facebook. I mean, fuck Facebook, that might be actually over for me, but eventually I’ll turn my profile on again. But seriously, I was tooling out, posting ranty exclamations basically inviting people to stay away; obviously I’m not fit for polite company so I’ll keep it here from now on.

But as soon as I suspended my shit on FB I started pulling the same bullshit on Twitter, which is forgivable but also much more stupid. After thinking about it for a bit I realized it was a combination of things, among them the lack of a sense of personal investiture I feel toward Twitter and FB.

So for now, I’m here, I’m not nuts, and you can keep your social media. Eventually I will figure out how I want to use them again, but for the foreseeable future my thought is that they are best used to invite other consumers of said services to leave the safe and inviting confines of the farmville and return to a digital economy based on gathering nuts and berries. Sure, the infant mortality is high, but so is the fertility rate!