It appears I have re-enabled comments with the ‘new’ commenting system. When the signin dialog appears I only noted a TypePad signin option, but selecting that provides an opportunity to use your gmail ID or your FB ID. The confirmation loop back stalled for me but appeared to have been passed along correctly to my blog backend, as evidenced by my successful comment.

3 thoughts on “Talk talk talk

  1. I got the same sequence you did, was daunted by the apparent TypePad-only option (and proceeded only because your description indicated I wouldn’t have to sign up for yet another thingy), then got a 404 as follows:

    Firefox can’t find the server at

    Only when I found my own route back to the original post was I finally able to leave a comment. So: it works, but only in the most technical sense of the phrase.

    1. Come back and give it another shot. After that painful sequence you describe the system remembered me, at any rate.

      The crazy URL appears to be a concatenation of at least two and possibly three URLs and (obviously) is a bug. I think it must stem from a “show confirmation page” pref, and even though II shouldn’t fix it that way, I think I will turn that off.

  2. It does work fairly smoothly now that it knows who I am. But I’m changing locations a lot, and I suspect I’ll have to run the gamut again for each new IP address, which is going to make me think twice about leaving comments (“eh, is it really worth it…”). You want leaving comments to be so easy people don’t think twice about it.

    Not that I have room to point fingers. Blogger recently added an unnecessary extra step to comment posting, for no apparent reason, and it wasn’t super-simple to begin with. (Oh, Google.) Anyway, my perception is that you actually have some level of control over how your comment system works, but perhaps I’m way off and all you can do is shrug and grimace.

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