Sometimes I find myself wondering if a Wacom tablet USB’d to my iPad would enable pressure sensitivity for iPad drawing and painting apps. – 12:54 AM GMT
Also, pursuant to winter, it appears Viv and I will be attempting to meet a Wii co-usage quota. Not sure if there’s a tax benefit yet. – 12:56 AM GMT
OMG Mozart chamber music + cocktail = dopamine suuuuurge – 01:00 AM GMT
Now, why Mozart, but not the Minutemen, musicians and music I love much much more? – 01:01 AM GMT
@manwhoyells cite – 01:02 AM GMT
@iasshole oh geez, local native and so beeyootiful. George once brought us a pre-fledgling. I was pissed. But hey predators gotta etc. – 01:07 AM GMT
@komonews @jackwilliambell you are fucking kidding me. Gas drifting on to I-5 means my wife is gassed and stuck, if that goes down. ANGRY. – 01:10 AM GMT
Fucking flash bombs and crowd control abuse at rush hour. FUCK YOU – 01:24 AM GMT
Hmm, I can’t ever recall reading a similar tweet. I think I may have just violated community norms. – 01:27 AM GMT
Right then. See ya. – 01:28 AM GMT