kirk_0.jpg On Saturday and Sunday November 5th and 6th I tried a new experiment in my digital drawing and painting exercises. Starting from a photo reference, I created a ‘pencil’ drawing, executed a conte and wash treatment, and reworked the drawings into a painting.

kirk_01.jpg It was important to me that the series take as its’ starting point a very recognizable face and subject, something I have done in the (very distant) past with Elvis Presley. Having been on a bit of a jones for a solid iOS Star Trek game which is not derived from the seventies text-based game (there are none), the iconic mug of James Tiberius Kirk came to mind.

kirk_02.jpg Here are the pics. I have a copy of the initial image but don’t want to post it to avoid the wrath of Paramount. I did look for the original source to link to it but Google’s search results have changed sufficiently from Saturday that I did not find the pic again.

kirk_04.jpg I have also started posting these to my Picasa site.