Geez, a whole day spent on a mandatory security upgrade. At least I finally got the comment system working again. I’m sure I will regret that.

Amazingly, nearly four years after I first looked for single-day digest capability for Twitter reposts in MT, there is still no such capacity. At least sometime between then and now the local implementation of Action Streams became functional. Sadly, that functionality is as useless now as it was then, since it eschews treating outside content as posts.

One guy, the fellow that came up with the inbound Twitter reposter MT-Twitter (not to be confused with the outbound Twitter blogpost notification plugin also called MT-Twitter) wrote a roll-his-own Action Streams to post converter but decided not to make it a plugin.

A pal sagely counseled moving to WordPress, which does have a Twitter digest plugin, but the work involved in keeping this site look makes that an unlikely eventuality.