Following up on my metrically-oriented post:

since March 24, 2002, this blog contains…

  • 492 posts over a period of 296 days
  • a total of 135,428 words in the entry bodies
  • an average entry length of 276 words
  • an average daily word count of 457 words

This essentially demolishes my earlier estimates, even looking only at recent output. Over the past 90 days or so, my average daily output has been 685 words, totaling 61,656 words. So it’s good start but not what I was hoping for.

My estimated hourly output, if I work an hour a day on the blog, is 458 words overall and 685 words for the last 90 days. If i work on it two hours a day, those fall to 229 and 343 words an hour, respectively.

That translates into estimated composition speeds of from 4 to 11 words a minute, at best half of what I had thought to be the case. Granted, the estimates included the Cinescape online news writing, which really does average 1200-1500 words for each news run and ideally takes a total of two hours a day for each run.


My ten longest posts:

  1. September 1988, part four: 4265 words on 20-Sep-02
  2. September, 1988, part two: 2089 words on 18-Sep-02
  3. The Wreck of the Shenandoah: 1730 words on 7-May-02
  4. Man Conquers Space: Status, Part II: 1594 words on 7-Jan-03
  5. Man Conquers Space: Background, Part I: 1590 words on 6-Jan-03
  6. Rereading Middle-Earth: 1550 words on 19-Dec-02
  7. Man Conquers Space: Release Date and Technical, Part III: 1513 words on 8-Jan-03
  8. September 1988, part three: 1502 words on 19-Sep-02
  9. The Two Towers: 1492 words on 13-Jan-03

My ten shortest posts:

  1. A mailbox in my neighborhood.: 12 words on 13-Jul-02
  2. A Still Life, part one: 12 words on 13-May-02
  3. Drive Yourself to Work Day: 10 words on 30-Jul-02
  4. heh heh: 9 words on 29-Aug-02
  5. Back Study: 9 words on 19-Aug-02
  6. A Flashy Puppet: 8 words on 15-May-02
  7. blogrolls: 6 words on 7-Dec-02
  8. the MANDOLECTRICK: 6 words on 11-Apr-02
  9. …: 0 words on 11-Sep-02
  10. See you Sunday!: 0 words on 20-Jul-02

I wonder if these last two posts are the cause of some problems i was having with the SmartyPants plugin in MT.

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