I found some Possum videos today. She spent so much time in my lap that using Photo Booth was obvious, unobtrusive, and, frankly, forgotten until juts now. I may post some eventually.

I have been using an iPhone for a couple of weeks now. I’m predictably dissatisfied, primarily because of the many, many things it can’t do that my old phones have been doing for about six years. I gather there are routes around the feature denial, but the thrill of sticking it to the man by nearly breaking your fucking expensive toy has faded. I would expect some longwinded bitching in this forum when I decide to care enough to cut loose.

That said, I’m not unhappy with the device on its’ own merits nor on the late-adopter cost incurred. My last cell phone lasted five years and it was more fully-featured than the iPhone on the day I opened the box. I think when I tell you what sucks about my phone it’s probably useful to listen, but I can’t really say I care one way or the other. I endeavor not to bore the reader with my exegeses on car culture, automotive insurance, engineering reliability, and housing cost inflation. The iphone is much like a car or a house: boring, overpriced, underfeatured, and inevitable. I expect to hate it for the rest of my life.