Wired News: Mac Lovers Fight to Glimpse ‘Woz’ includes the entertaining phrase. “One overweight show visitor berated harried event staffers while snacking on a parfait…” and a few other vignettes of the picturesque from the center of the Mac-user’s universe this week, MacWorld San Franciso.

Sadly, was unable to perform the ritual slacking in favor of listening to the keynote and such this week, as Tuesday was my first fully-functional day at DangerIsland.

I checked out Safari, and it does OK by me, except, of course, this site. Which crashes said browser. I must admit, when I heard “new Mac-only browser from Apple,” my thought was not “Great!”, but rather, “Oh SHIT!”, followed rapidly by an inchoate joke about CyberDog.

(Why is “inchoate” spelled that way and not “inchaote”, by reference to chaos?)

The new laptops, however, pretty much make up for any skepticism I have about subscription service baloney or my creeping dread about a new round of browser wars.

I LIKEY both the small and the big. But the money ain’t here right now. I’ll wait.

On the other hand, Viv’s old tangerine iBook needs a new power socket. I’m mulling the possibility of getting an iceBook for her, while I get that socket replaced and/or move the tangerine machine on eBay or something. Even with the bad socket, I’m thinking maybe $400 in credit on trade or $600 on ebay.

In other news, the iCal update appears to have undermined my Word install. If you see Steve Jobs, please tell him: Microsoft’s Mac Office suite is a GOOD THING. Please do not harm it, mmmkay?

9 thoughts on “"while snacking on a parfait"

  1. In my experience, the v51 build of Safari does not crash when viewing your site; it does render a bit oddly, with the right divs vertically centered all the way down the page.

  2. According to my sources, the reason “inchoate” is spelled the way it is:

    1) In an initial or early stage; incipient.
    2) Imperfectly formed or developed: a vague, inchoate idea.

    [Latin inchoātus, past participle of inchoāre, to begin, alteration of incohāre : in-, in; see in–2 + cohum, strap from yoke to harness.]

    is because it has nothing to do with chaos:

    1) A condition or place of great disorder or confusion.
    2) A disorderly mass; a jumble: The desk was a chaos of papers and unopened letters.
    3) often Chaos. The disordered state of unformed matter and infinite space supposed in some cosmogonic views to have existed before the ordered universe.
    4) Mathematics. A dynamical system that has a sensitive dependence on its initial conditions.
    5) Obsolete. An abyss; a chasm.

    [Middle English, formless primordial space, from Latin, from Greek khaos.]

  3. Eric has posted this:

    Which, really, I should figure out how to do a trackback of.

    For the less-geeky out there:

    The bearded gentleman is Steve Woznowski, co-founder of Apple and prototype for computer-industry philanthropists everywhere. That’s the same “Woz” referenced in the Wired story.

  4. Haha, I worked on an interactive 3D virtual “hometown” for the Rosnowski radio show, as part of a class over the summer. He was really impressed, but I kept shooting him looks that meant “don’t believe that this is cool.” He shook my hand a little too hard.

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