I haven’t felt this happy at five o’clock in years.

I began the day ready to head to a contract call, but they cancelled (booo, but no hard feelings). That left me with a few more hours in the day, and my initial plan was to start working on some tax-and-accounting stuff – our 2010 income will be complicated and the more I get done the earlier I get it done the better it will be for everyone concerned.

However, as noted earlier, I recently added an ISP option to our internet access and have been walking though the streaming options on our DVD player, one of which is the primarily HD rental resource Vudu. I was actually excited by the service the first time I explored the UI – I mean, the film listings link to Wikipedia, for godssake, and they have a bunch of Criterion classics available in HD (No Jeanne d’Arc, hèlas). Testing, however, had revealed that SD was likely the best sustained resolution.

Ever since the nearly-two-week old launch of Two Gentlemen of Lebowski, I have had a jones on to do a viewing and readthrough of the film and script.