Finally, we have higher-speed internet access: 2.x mbps as opposed to the former 256k dsl. Swapping out the access points and routers went very smoothly, thank heavens. The biggest stumbling block was dealing with the behavior of a mixed pack of Airport Express wireless networking devices. Thankfully they have settled down and give every sign of continued maintenance-free networking activity.

In practical terms, this means that Hulu is now functional.

I had a line on a near-mint large-aperture goto telescope, but in order to retrieve it I had to go to the Kitsap peninsula. After the windstorm overnight, the day was clear, warm, and bright, and I was looking forward to a ferry ride and a drive in the company of the pup. Alas, as I waited to drive onto the ferry, my car’s battery died. For the past couple of weeks, the car has had flaky electronics, and this was the last straw. On my way to the ferry, I had driven about twenty miles – the battery had received more than enough juice. It was apparent to me that if I got a jump and crossed to the peninsula, the probability of another non-starter event was very high, and so I waved off.

Tomorrow I take the car in to learn the expense entailed. That expense may very well curdle the telescope purchase.