Cornbread: done

Rice: done (yesterday)

Speckroches (yesterday, kinda regret not making the bread part by hand, but the filling came out good)

Stuffing: done (this should be YUMMY, cornbread based. I had a flash and added a tiny bit of curry and used only wine as the liquid)

on deck: black beans

to prep:

staging for gravy and beef stock

green beans

cold platters:

cheese / crackers / etc



Beechers (local artisanal, yum)


finger veggies (looks like I missed the boat on getting something from my garden in here, dang it, and I forgot some kind of dip. i have dill and mmmmaybe enough yogurt)




The damn bird is not thawed, thanks to my over-cold fridge, so I’m babying it along too.

I kind of think I should cook the pies tonight but if I do that it bogarts the smell, so maybe not.