I missed a few cool pix from the weekend trip. Click the small images seen here to load larger versions of the shots. Notable among them is this lovely specimen of Bigfoot (left), on display in a downtown Anacortes shop window.

I’d be remiss if I did not share this issue of the celebrated, yet completely unknown comic book, “Strange Sports Stories” (left), which features a miscegenated combination of “Weird Tales” and sports-oriented comics:

HOW did a dinosaur get to run in a modern-day horse-race?”

WHY did a karate match start on Earth — and end on the Moon?”

WHO had to play a tennis game with a live grenade?”

In conclusion, I have reason to suspect that friends of the author will derive amusement from and make merry over this image of the author expressing his sensitive side, while remaining sufficiently in touch with his inner geek to lodge his umbrella down the collar of his coat, freeing his hands.


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