Anne Zender hipped me to a B-ton-based pub, The Pin-up, which provides arts and entertainment info in addition to running regular bits of history journalism such as Carol Krause’s recounting of attending a Dancing Cigarettes concert which also featured readings by John Giorno and William S. Burroughs in 1981 (my sometime partner in crime Bill Weaver is featured in a cameo appearance as a 21-year-old, I think); or the history of the East Asian or Indian woman who has gazed down on Kirkwood in my hometown since I can recall.

Authentic Bloomington character John Barge issued an update alert for his Wacky Hoosiers clip-o-rama celebration of the oddities that heavy corn farming can bring to the world (at Angelfire, so batten down). John notes:

“This month’s postings include:

  • Libertarian Wins Office
  • Hoosier Pagans
  • Tex Terry, Cowboy B-Movie Star
  • Soldier Patton Slapped Was From Indiana
  • Cunning Hoosier Crimminal, The Midget
  • Punk Rockers For Jesus

and many others!”

Uh, what else?

Carrol also has a fine reminisence of what I long thought my first riot experience, the NCAA riot in near downtown Bloomington. (This one features a cameo by my favorite boss of all time, one Paul Smedberg.)

Lessee now, I would have been, um, 15. I spent some of ’81-’82 in Switzerland. It seems unlikely my memory is reliable in this instance. I suppose I could have grafted tales from friends onto my recollection – I have memories of watching a kid climb up a fish in the Showalter Fountain and aslo seeing a scuffle behind some nearby bushes.

Krause mentions that the riot happened the same day that Reagan was shot; I think I was in town for that, since I have a clear recollection of hoping the wrinkled bastard was dead.

2 thoughts on “Things Hoosier

  1. No need to hope, he was dead before they shot him. It was getting other people to realize that he was dead that was the problem. This is what made the assassination attempt so confusing for most people especially those who knew he was dead. I mean, if he’s dead why shoot him? Why not just bury him?

  2. For a long time I’ve been wondering: why is it I like that Whybark dude so much. Now I know. I too remember thinking something like “awesome” rather than “drag” when I heard Reagan had been shot.

    To kindred spirits etc.

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