In a coup of marriage-fu, Viv is tackling a plumbing project in the basement, while I am attempting to set up a 900mhz wireless speaker unit to use the B speaker output on our main A/V system.

I hope Viv is having better luck, as the receiver powered itself off a couple of times and finally generated a loud “snap,” accompanied by an orangish sparklight and a substantial puff of bluish, ozone-scented smoke. Happily, the receiver still attempts to start up, but shuts down again as soon as it would normally activate the sound-carrying components.

The owner’s manual helpfully says the ‘amp protection circuit has been activated.’ I’m thinking at the very least I blew a fuse. Supposedly it will reset in an hour. We shall see.

UPDATE: Stereo definitively broken, no water flow through plumbing project. JOY!