You may have noted that Bellerophon was down for a considerable period yesterday. Copying a corrupt file caused a system freeze that required a three-finger salute. The stalled copy caused file system errors that also prevented several attempts at backups of the web-served file-system.

Naturally, I’d just deleted the desktop-side backups I made during the system rebuild. Now, I sound like Goldstein!

Yes, a meaningful backup solution is inbound. Sigh.

Rebooting into os9 and running TechTool successfully rebuilt the messed up catalog files – but not without the heart-stopping spectacle of a hard system freeze while TTP was rebuilding the directory files. Thankfully, no further system damage appeared to result.

Who wants a drink?

2 thoughts on “Groan

  1. me. I’ll take one. What am I saying?? It’s morning. I’m working. &)@^%&#^@(…

    By the way, yr lovely packet came yesterday. That jest made mah day.

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