At work today, a co-worker was listening to a Philly sports radio station when he heard a promo for some St. Paddy’s Day shows by Philly’s own The Bare Knuckle Boxers.

He and I both found this amusing, having been founding members of Seattle’s own BKB. Given the Google results for bare knuckle boxers, it seems unlikely that the Philly gents are unaware of our now-departed Pacific coast enterprise. Thinking back to my own days of four St. Paddy’s gigs in a day, I’ll doff my hat to the youngsters.

There are some odd resonances that I wish to note, as well.

At work we commonly play one or two episodes of the absurdist, cynical, and potentially nihilist sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and consequently I will always imagine the Philly BKB playing in Paddy’s Pub.

When Seattle’s BKB started playing, another post-Pogues Irish rock band was active locally (and may still be), Saint Bushmill’s Choir. As is currently visible on the website I just linked to, the band would occasionally give a shout out to your Philadelphia Flyers.

So, far be it from me to make sense of this. But it seems plainly apparent that Philly, Seattle, and Irish music times the rock and the roll are somehow bound by destiny. Take it up and shape it, ’cause I’m going to bed.