(Reposting a Leaguemail to ensure dissemination)

Fellow fezzes:

Spencer (note Cha-Cha League headshot), myself, and the lately-befezzed (on the Lake Union jaunt) Agent Cooper are planning to take in one of the 70mm Sunday matinees of Lawrence of Arabia at the Cinerama. Danelope has noted his availability as well.

March 16 or March 23 are the Sunday showings, at noon. My preference is March 16. Please advise!

As the fez carries a peculiarly negative significance in realtion to this film in its’ association with a character portrayed by the father of Miguel Ferrer, I declare this outing fez optional and come one, come all.

Spencer, Coop, and myself have all seen this film at the Cinerama before in 70mm, and it is really among the most amazing moviegoing experiences one might have. Spencer and I also caught a super-clean 70mm 2001 there a few years back, and while I caught many compelling details I had missed in lower rez incarnations, I would personally say that Lawrence in 70mm dominates 2001 in 70mm.

You may recall my thoughts in 2004 or in 2002.

Apparently, Tom will recall them with especial clarity; Manuel may take some selling.

Holy shit, how long have we known each other?