Sometime this weekend, someone will be the 10,000th visitor to this site.

If it’s you, take a screenshot.
I can associate IP address and reverse domain info with the specific visitor so even in the event of apparent multiple 10,000th visitors, I’ll be able figure it out.

The winner will be offerred the choice of one three sumptuous prize packages constructed around the following themes:

  • Piles of computer junk and spare parts I have lying around! Actual functioning items may be included!
  • Duplicates of comic books in my copious collection!
  • Dot-com detritus! What miscellaneous marketing material can I come up with from the high-water mark of the greatest gimcrack boondoggle ever seen?

Thank you, and keep your eyes on the skies!

6 thoughts on “10k

  1. Well I’m welcome to do that, sure: but so are you!

    The KGP is a way to open-source the KGOTW. The whole world now can fabricate incidents involving Ken Goldstein at their convenience.

    It’s like I was saying to Ken, just the other day: “You can’t break a few eggs until you hear the steam escaping from the lobster’s shell.”

    And I’ve had nothing to do with that damned McDuck since he made off with my patents on the inverse rubberizing dustmop back in ought-one. I dinna care HOW many libraries he builds, he’s a sharper, I tells ya!

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