Master_SiteArticle284559.jpgOriginally posted November 12, 2002. Excerpted from Cinescape online. Click pic for full review.

THE HOUSE AT MAAKIES CORNER collects the MAAKIES alt-weekly syndicated strips of Tony Millionaire for the years of 2000 through 2002. At around the time the first of these strips were appearing, a notable expansion of work for the artist had begun to occur.

Today, in addition to MAAKIES, Millionaire produces a comic book (SOCK MONKEY) for Dark Horse which includes iterations of the strip’s protagonists, Uncle Gabby and Drinky Crow (in the guises of dolls Mr. Crow and Sock Monkey); he’s written a pair of children’s books featuring the stuffed companions, been involved in animation projects, and appears in the pages of THE NEW YORKER.