Originally posted September 12, 2002. Click pic for full review. Excerpted from Cinescape online.

Fuzz, the good-natured teddy bear, and Pluck, the ill-tempered, unfeathered banty rooster, continue their misadventures in what I assume to be the town of Splitsville. When we last left our protagonists, Fuzz had suffered a dog attack while attempting to deliver an order of fast food to a mansion, and Pluck had been invited to join a troupe of animal gladiators.

In the current issue, the story nudges forward by one scene each. Fuzz is brought home by the little girl of the mansion to join her collection of stuffed toys and dolls; they decide that Fuzz should have wings so that he can fly home. In order to do this they cruelly saw the wings off one of their number, a duck. Fuzz is then chucked out the window, where he is again mauled by the dog.