This came in on tidbits-talk, and I felt it was useful!

Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 07:42:37 -0500
To: “TidBITS Talk”
From: “Derek K. Miller”
Subject: Re: Other good April Fools jokes

April Fools pranks are easy to miss, even if you’re looking for them. So for those who are interested, a friend and I compiled a number of this year’s into this list.

It’s far from exhaustive, but it’s entertaining nevertheless. Some may only make sense if you’re a gamer or Linux-head, as my friend is. (The TidBITS ones were included too, of course. I noted that we had a “Microsoft settles” April 1 joke in 1999 as well.)


And from when jokes go wrong….

A bunch from
Google powered by pigeons; Netscape Open Directory now Gates Open Directory; Dubya proclaims “Free Lunch Day” and cancels 2004 election; “Puppy Bowling” is England’s latest fad sport; April Fool’s Day parade will include land mines.
A bunch from
Non-profit consultant hires ex-Enron chief Ken Lay and Andersen as accountant; run eBay for a day or visit the eBay Ayn Rand store; Red Herring profiles Failure Inc.; Burger King changes name to Chicken King, etc.

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