PTA ex-president guilty in teens’ wayward party / Front Page -The Olympian: Did I say sometimes I’m proud to be from Bloomington?

This story, reflecting on the cultural values of Washington State’s capitol, Olympia, home of more great bands than you can shake a stick at, may tell observant readers a thing ot two about why I love Washington State, too.

Now, why do I live in Seattle, again?

4 thoughts on “Olywa in the hizzouse

  1. How was the rest of November, Mike? I thought of skipping it myself, but decided to stick it out and see how it goes first hand instead of jumping one month into the future to check things out.

  2. Oops!

    Laughing at the poor judgement of others appears to have clouded my ability to read a calendar.

    MMM. Mom, can I have another beer? Pleaase?

  3. No wonder you were having trouble. I don’t think most Macintoshes are spec’ed to go one month into the future. Though I have heard rumors that the CIA has developed “black Macs” to do special ops up to 1.414213562373095 years into the current timeline.

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