Emergency is where MetaFilter user Stavros, whose real-world name is Chris, has chosen to archive his real-time experiences of dealing with, and offering community support for, the injury, hospital status, and eventual death of his friend Rick.

Rick was mortally injured in the terror bombing of that nightclub in Bali on October 12.

Rick’s loss, and the experience of his family and friends is unique and specific to him as an individual. Indeed, all our losses vary. But there is commonality in our experience as the bereaved, and I’m linking to Stavro’s site today for two reasons.

First, I suspect the organic, personal use of the web to document loss and grief is a natural, if previously unexpected outcome of blogs in specific. Second, my writing about the loss of my sister was specifically prompted by my emotional state around the anniversary of September 11, and therefore Stavros’ loss is directly connected in another way as well.

Halloween is coming soon, and then on November 2, our dead will join us for one night.

Happy 34th, little sister. I know you’ll love the show.