Off to Vancouver for more X-Men stuff.

See you tomorrow. Here’s the first two stories from the press conference I went to on Friday.


(he makes a kind of snarky remark about them other guys)

Stewart: Picard or Xavier could kick Kirk’s butt

One captain to another. Entertainingly, I was told I might get to do a quick interview with William Shatner soon. The initial statement Stewart made (concerning Achilles) was in response to a question from me.

I apologize for not offering more thoughtful material on these experiences and hope to be able to shortly. A major part of my hesitation is an uncertainty concerning how to draw a line between what’s appropriate for here and what’s best reserved for Cinescape.

2 thoughts on “Vancouver again

  1. Just to clarify: Stewart made his pugnaciuos remark at the tail end of his second set of remarks.

    My question asked him to compare Xavier to a character to Shakespearean or classical theater; he chose Achilles.

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