DCP_5229.JPGEric, Anne, Vivian, Eric’s cousin Ilse, and I went to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympics for a picnic today.

Eric has one of them new fangled micro-wireless doohickeys, a Danger hiptop, I think, that allows you to check email, reply, websurf, and so forth from a thing about the size of an overweight palm pilot.

I tried to post to the site from the line for the ferry with it, and was able to log in and compose an entry, but lost the signal about the time I hit “submit”. So, no George Jetson entry for today, alas.

I do have pix, but – alas – the MT upgrade has sprung an undoing of thumbnailing at upload upon me. So none for now. (OK, now is later, now. so now, being later, there’s a pic)

Eric did, pretty much, keep saying “wow”, as he looked out across the view from the Ridge. “We don’t get so much of this in Chicago or Indiana.”