Apologies for my weakened discipline – Eric and Anne are in town and I haven’t had time to plant butt in chair long enough to discourse upon aught. There will be makeups and fictional dates attributed.

But I have been practicing my conjugations of “tump”, in honor of Eric’s degree from Texas A&M and his paternal status as horse-wranglin’ Texan.

He’s awful quiet though. I just can’t seem to get him into the lie-telling and shoutin’ mode one expects. Since we both actually grew up in Indiana maybe there’s a reason for this.

2 thoughts on “sparse weekend

  1. Well, I think on e of the things to bear in mind is that ‘most all of the Sinclairs are fairly quiet sorts (I can actually think only of one that would be boisterous and shoutin’).

    Maybe it’s genetic, or something.

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