tap tap tap



‘zis thing on?

tap tap tap

now with MT two-point-fivey goodness!

(I ‘spect my perl search is broken, at the moment. I’ll make time to fix it tonight.)

UPDATE: Search repaired, and even improved a bit. Now the sidebar in the search results is updated when the page builds. Also, I think that the good people at Movable Type may have tightened up the performance of the search code per se – it didn’t feel as, uh, “draggy” (testing a plugin with those quotes, too. Shucks, no dice.).

2 thoughts on “upgrade test

  1. Well, it seems to work ok, but what happened to the writing? There seems to be a cogency filter here, or something. I certainly didn’t see that in the MT 2.5 release notes!

    Gonna have to get me one of them.

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